Sam Beil

Typography: Checklist, corpus size, Monotype & Future Fonts

Thoughts on typography that I can’t attribute to any book:


If you’re looking for a source of knowledge about typography, the Flawless Typography Checklist is the best thing money can buy.

Corpus size

If font pairing doesn’t seem to work, but you can’t tell why, pay attention to the distance between the baseline and the mean line of lowercase letters in both fonts.


Support small foundries: If you don’t have to, don’t buy Monotype fonts.

Future Fonts

Future Fonts is a platform for experimental, high‑quality fonts in progress. Try it, you’re going to like it. At the time of writing these words, I have 24 fonts from Future Fonts and 0 regrets.

January 3, 2024

Tags: typography, fonts, typewolf, corpus size, x‑height, monotype, future fonts