Sam Beil

Missing role in permission systems

Super admin, admin, audit logs admin, compliance admin, users admin, owner, billing manager, developer, support, curator, analyst…—we seem to have a surplus of roles in the applications we use, not a shortage.

At the same time, to change a company’s avatar in LinkedIn, you have to be a super admin. You must be an owner or admin to change a company's avatar in Slack. Changing a company's avatar in Google Workspace requires having the domain settings administrator privilege.

The software world would be less boring, more pleasant and interesting, if apps had (Visual) Designer or Brand Manager roles. Without those roles, designers often either a) can't take care of companies' visual details or b) are forced to involve other busy people in the most unrewarding part of the process (with every little change). This is not a setup for success. Or fun.

The details are not the details. They make the design.

July 9, 2023

Tags: visual designer, brand manager, logo, cover, icon, roles, privileges, permission system